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The Full Story

I am a Fine Art photographer whom works with a large format view camera.  I use 5x4 colour transparency film which is then converted to high resolution digital files to retain the depth and sharpness of the image taken originally on film.
I studied Fine Art and specialised in photography in the final year of my degree course.  I used photography as a means of expression and have been preoccupied with it ever since.
I see nature in a stark documentary style in an attempt to examine it deeply in its essence, without sentimentality or romance.  My compositions become abstracted and sometimes play with the illusion of a two dimensional plane, to flatten the perspective which then becomes ambiguous to the eye.
In my philosophy, the notion of flattening a three-dimensional space may seem odd to the viewer, nonetheless, may raise more questions about what they see.  In a sense time cannot be measured in this way, by what is seen as time has no limits.

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